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The Perfect Clue (March 13, 1935)

The Perfect Clue

Released March 13, 1935: When a wealthy older man asks his young lady companion to become his wife, his daughter runs away and forms an alliance with an ex-con.

Directed by Robert G. Vignola

The Actors: David Manners (David Mannering), Richard 'Skeets' Gallagher (Ronnie Van Zandt), Dorothy Libaire (Mona Stewart), Betty Blythe (Ursula Chesebrough), William P. Carleton (Jerome Stewart), Ralf Harolde (Sid Barkley), Ernie Adams (Butch Carter), Robert Gleckler (Delaney), Frank Darien (stationmaster), Charles C. Wilson (District Attorney), Jack Richardson (Simms), Pat O'Malley (police officer), Lloyd Ingraham (dinner guest), Bud Jamison (Johnny O'Rourke), Frank LaRue (Chief of Police), Sam McDaniel (train porter), Broderick O'Farrell (dinner guest).


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Spoiled rich girl with chip on her shoulder meets ex-con with a chip on his shoulder . . . true love results and both become better for the meeting. Wrap the story around a comedy . . . toss in a murder wrap . . . with a good 'clue' . . . . no, make that a 'perfect clue' . . . and you wind up with one of the best stories you could spend an hour on. Pop a big bowl of white kernal popcorn slathered with warm melted butter and your joy will be complete!

Our adventure opens at a dinner party in the mansion of wealthy Jerome Stewart, with assembled friends, his daughter Mona, and his girlfriend Ursula. Stewart announces that the reason for the dinner party is to announce his upcoming marriage to his girlfriend. His daughter jumps up from the table and runs out of the room. Dad follows, and when spoiled Mona insists that dad not marry his young girlfriend Dad reamins resolute. Mona threatens to rebel by marrying the worst scoundrel she can find, and dad tells her to go ahead if she wants to. So Mona grabs the older wealthy drunk that is always hanging around the house and offers to marry him on the spot. So off they go onto a train headed for Niagara Falls. But on the way Mona gets a telegram from papa saying that he is happy she is getting married, and that he and his lady will join them in Niagara Falls to help celebrate. Well . . . this ruins her revenge on papa and burns Mona beyond what she can take, so she gets off of the train to figure out a plan 'B.' At the small town where she gets off, there is no hotel to spend the night, and no way to get another train before morning, so she sets out for the small diner to hire a man to drive her to the city. Unfortunately she runs into the wrong fellow, and he turns out to be a man that was just released from prison. He robs her of her purse and jewelry and takes off. While she is pondering what to do next, he returns to her and decides that he will drive her to the big city anyway.

The rest of this adventure involves their on again, off again friendly relationship, until they wind up at a bowling alley where David is looking for a job. While she waits in his car, David goes up to see the man that would give him a job, but he finds the man near death, and uttering only, 'the pin.' David runs back to the car and they try to get away, but are caught and put in jail. Dad arrives with the funny drunk that Mona was originally going to marry, and the search goes on for the meaning of the clue, 'the pin' - which will hopefully save David and Mona from being convicted of the man's death. There are lots of juicy details, and great gag lines that you must discover for yourself as you root for our heros to capture the real murderers with 'the pin.'