The Law of Contact

On Probation (April 1, 1935)

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On Probation

Released on January 8, 1952: (running time 62 minutes)

Produced by Sam Efrus

Directed by Charles Hutchison

The Actors: Monte Blue (Al Murray), Lucile Browne (Jane Murray), William Bakewell (Bill Coleman), Barbara Bedford (Mable Gordon), Matthew Betz (Dan), Edward LeSaint (judge), Betty Jane Graham (Jane at age 12), Arthur Loft (Benson), Henry Roquemore (Lambert), Lloyd Ingraham (Horne), King Kennedy (Clarence), Margaret Fealy (Fagan woman), Gino Corrado (waiter), John Webb Dillion (police detective), Henry Hall (District Attorney), Charles Hutchison (man at station), Roy Rice (police detective), Jimmy Robinson (young fighting boy), Marie Werner (housekeeper)


The Law of Contact

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