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Suicide Squad (December 3, 1935)

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Suicide Squad

Released on December 3, 1935: A fast talking fellow wants to get onto the rescue squad, but the Captain doesn't think he has what it takes.

Directed by Bernard B. Ray

The Actors: Norman Foster (Larry Barker), Joyce Compton (Mary O'Connor), Robert Homans (Captain Tim O'Connor), Aggie Herring (Ma O'Connor), Peter Warren (Mickey O'Connor), Jack Luden (Ed Drew), Phil Kramer (Snaps, the photographer), Chuck Baldra (singing fireman), Harry Harvey (radio announcer), Jack Kirk (singing fireman), Tiny Sandford (policeman), Glenn Strange (singing fireman).


Free Download of the old movie Suicide Squad
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You can burn a DVD using the larger WMV file on most computers with software that already comes with newer computers.

Whenever I watch a movie about police work or firemen, I think of my old friend Donald. Donald was a Deputy Sheriff in a western Cleveland, Ohio suburb, and we met many years ago in a pipe and tobacco shop. We were both divorced and we hung out together. In fact, it was Donald who first called me 'Jimbo' - and it stuck ever since. The funniest thing that I can remember about Donald was one Christmas Eve when he was dating a lady that had a young son. Donald was brought up Roman Catholic, and on this Christmas Eve he and his girlfriend and her son got dressed up and went to a Christmas Eve mass at a big church on Lorrain Avenue in North Olmsted. The place was packed, and they were ushered to the attached recreation hall to sit on wooden folding chairs and listen to the mass over loudspeakers at the front of the room. Well, as a good Christmas gesture, the little boy was handed a small candy cane as they entered. Because of the crowding, good old Donald offered to hold the little boy on his lap during the service. The boy was eagerly devouring his candy cane when an offering bag was being passed. It was a red velvet bag with a wooden handle attached at the top, and as it was passed from person to person along the row, each person would drop their money into the bag and pass it on. When the bag reached Donald and his girlfriend, the little boy decided to give the remainder of his candy cane to the church, and he dropped his sticky little hand with the candy cane deep into the bag. Donald quickly pulled his hand back out of the bag, but now there were a bunch of paper bills and coins stuck to his sticky fingers. Of course, as his hand was pulled quickly out of the bag, most of the money left his sticky fingers and flew in all directions around the crowded room. I believe that Donald refused to attend any Christmas Eve services from that day on, and still spends Christmas Eve at his home, away from all churches and children.

Norman Foster, the lead in this movie, was married to Claudette Colbert until 1935. He met an old girlfriend, Sally Blane after his divorce and by the time this movie premiered they were marred. They had two children, Gretchen and Robert, and were happily married until his death in 1973. In this movie he displays his characteristic high level of energy and passion as he plays a young man who has great intentions to be the best fireman in the city, but always seems to muck up the job and get everyone against him.

Norman FosterJoyce Compton
Norman FosterJoyce Compton
Robert HomansJack Luden
Robert HomansJack Luden
Aggie HerringPhil Kramer
Aggie HerringPhil Kramer
Peter Warren 
Peter Warren