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Hong Kong Nights (December 24, 1935)

Tom Keene in Hong Kong Nights

Released on December 24, 1935: U.S. Customs undercover agents battle a gun runner in the inscrutable and mysterious Macao and Hong Kong.

Directed by E. Mason Hopper

The Actors: Tom Keene (Tom Keene), Wera Engels (Trina Vidor), Warren Hymer (Wally), Tetsu Komai (Wong), Cornelius Keefe (Gil Burris), Tom London (Blake), Freeman Lang (Captain Evans), Allan Cavan (Mr. Caulder).


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U.S. Customs agent Tom Keene, working secretly in China, is given a new assignment and warned that if he is discovered by the Chinese authorities, the U.S. will deny that he works for them. Just like James Bond will be told many years later. Even though this movie is filmed long before the world will meet 007, Tom is a cocky, confident man that one might say reminds us of the unbeatable Bond.

Tom must find and stop an American ex-con from smuggling guns and hand grenades to the Chinese underworld. He soon finds the man, and guess what? There is a fine looking American woman with him that Tom immediately decides to conquer. And he does it easily. After he tells her that her intended husband is on the wrong side of the law, she quickly decides to leave him. Unfortunately the gangster won't let her get away that easily. But Tom will masterfully come to her rescue, in true super spy fashion. While attempting to save her and capture the gangster, he is caught and put along with Trina on a deserted island where they are left to die. What, oh what can Tom do now? Trapped and left to die, it looks like this super agent is finished unless there is a miracle or two left for him and Trina. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn and thrill to the heroic exploits of Tom Keene, undercover customs agent in the far east.