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The Reckless Way (February 2, 1936)

Marian Nixon in The Reckless Way

Released February 2, 1936: Marian Nixon is Helen Rogers, the lady with the million dollar legs. She is headed for stardom, and she plays her cards well on her way to the top.

Directed by Bernard B. Ray (listed as Raymond K. Johnson in the credits

The Actors: Marian Nixon (Helen Rogers), Kane Richmond (Jim Morgan), Inez Courtney (Laura Jones), Malcolm McGregor (Don Reynolds), Harry Harvey (Joe Black), Art Howard (Mr. Stoner), Gloria Gordon (Mrs. Stoner), William H. Strauss (Carl Blatz), John S. Peters (Von Berg), John Cowell (Arthur Morgan, screenwriter), Samuel S. Hinds (unknown), Phil Dunham (unknown).

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Yes, the video company that put this film onto a dvd put a new title on it, but trust me, the title of the film is, "The Reckless Way." This is a feel-good light romantic drama about a girl in Hollywood who dreams about being a movie star, and will do just about anything, even outlandish stunts to get to the top, taking the 'reckless way' to stardom. Make a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of melted butter on it and enjoy a tale of stars and movie making from 1936.

Helen Rogers is a pretty young girl who works as a stenographer in a large hotel, and Jim Morgan is a young fellow who works behind the front desk who is smitten with Helen. He wants to marry her and make a life with her, but Helen will have no part of working class Jim . . . she wants to become a movie star. Her big break comes when a silk stocking manufacturer chooses Helen to be the model for his new advertising campaign. She becomes known as the girl with the million dollar legs. This stocking manufacturer has a jealous wife who believes that her husband is having an affair with Helen, so she divorces him in a messy, front page scandolous fashion. Helen is not having an affair with the old guy, but she loves the publicity, and encourages the newspapers to promote her as the girl with the million dollar legs who broke up the marriage. She doesn't mind being thought of as a 'bad' girl, just as long they spell her name correctly. She gets the chance for a screen test, and fails miserably. Unfortunately, she was signed to a contract that promised her a movie, and the producer is at his wits end when he discovers that she cannot act.

The producer decides to bring in a famous screen writer from England to write something just for Helen. Jim Morgan, the desk clerk at the hotel who loves Helen, gets tangled with the screen writer, and unbeknownst to Helen, Jim writes a movie script that fits Helen to a 'T' while everyone believes that the famous writer from England has written it. Helen becomes a star with the release of this movie, and once a star, must decide beteeen a wealthy producer who loves her, and her old friend Jim, the desk clerk turned secret screen writer. She decides to toss Jim to the curb and marry the wealthy producer, and Jim stands back and wishes her well. Of course, you probably think that something dramatic will happen before they actually get married and Helen will discover that she really loves desk clerk Jim, right? Well . . . . maybe yes, and maybe no . . . keep muching your popcorn and see how these folks decided to end this Hollywood drama with the movers and shakers of the young motion picture business.