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The Speed Reporter (May 14, 1936)

The Speed Reporter

Released on May 14, 1936: Richard Talmadge, circus acrobat and stunt man for Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. shows off his talents as a reporter who single handedly brings the city mob to its knees.

Directed by Bernard B. Ray

The Actors: Richard Talmadge (Dick Lawrence), Luana Walters (May), Richard Cramer (Chuck Ballard, aka Brad Franklin), Frank Hall Crane (Roger Rrenfrew), Robert Walker (Stanley, city editor), John Ince (publisher Madison), Earl Dwire (publisher John Parker), George Chesebro (Blackie Smith), Ed Cassidy (Edwards, henchman), James Sheridan (henchman Gat), Victor Adamson (henchman Butch), Eddie Davis (Jim, Press reporter), William McCall (hotel doorman), Otto Metzetti (henchman Chip), Victor Metzetti (henchman Louie), Dorothy Vernon (Miss Edwards).

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