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White Legion (October 25, 1936)

White Legion

Released on October 25, 1936: A group of doctors discover a cure for Yellow Fever, which is killing many of the men trying to build the Panama Canal.

Directed by Karl Brown

The Actors: Ian Keith (Doctor Julian Murray), Tala Birell (Doctor Sterne), Ferdinand Gottschalk (Doctor Fontaine), Suzanne Kaaren (Gloria Blank), Lionel Pape (Doctor Travis), Rollo Lloyd (the Colonel), Teru Shimada (Doctor Nogi), Nigel De Brulier (Father Gonzales), Nina Campana (Maria), Warner Richmond (Burke), Ferdinand Munier (Senator Blank), Harry Allen (McKenzie), Don Barclay (Miggs), 'Snub' Pollard (Baker), Robert Warwick (Captain Parker), Sidney Bracey (Yellow Fever victim), Ralph Byrd (NCO Clerk), Edward Peil Sr. (Doctor Moore), Jason Robards Sr. (Kramer), Robert Strange (Planter)


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