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Ellis Island (November 5, 1936)

Ellis Island

Released on November 5, 1936: A bank robber being deported from Ellis Island knows where the stolen money is hidden, and everyone is after him and the loot.

Directed by Phil Rosen

The Actors: Donald Cook (Gary Curtis), Peggy-Shannon (Betty Parker), Jack La Rue (Dude), Joyce Compton (Adele), Bradley Page (Solo), Johnny Arthur (Kip Andrews), George Rosener (Uncle Ted Kedrich), Maurice Black (Nails), Matty Fain (Turk), Bryant Washburn (Peter James), Monte Vandergrift (Moxey), Lew Kelly (farmer), Agostino Borgato (Zattos), Ann Brody (Matron), E.H. Calvert (Commissioner H.L. Carson), Robert Frazer (Murdock,Bureau of Vital Statistics), Henry Hall (the judge), Lucille La Verne (voice on radio), Frank LaRue (Colllins), Jack Low (Jan Imarski), Jerry Mandy (Bugs), Clyde McClary (Duval, deportee), Frank O'Connor (bank guard), Ralph Peters (service station attendant), Rose Plumer (matron), Harry Semels (Pietro Lonelli), Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer (Manuel), Forrest Taylor (Matthews, guard), Jerry Tucker (boy), Michael Visaroff (Polacek).


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Donald Cook and Beggy ShannonDonald Cook
Donald Cook and Peggy ShannonDonald Cook - 1936
Jack La RueJohnny Arthur
Jack La Rue - 1936Johnny Arthur
Johnny Arthur and Joyce ComptonGeorge Rosener
Johnny Arthur and Joyce ComptonGeorge Rosener
Bryant Washburn, E.H. Calvert and Donald Cook 
Bryant Washburn, E.H. Calvert and Donald Cook