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With Love and Kisses (1936)

Pinky Tomlin in With Love and Kisses

Released in 1936: (running time 66 minutes) Big Band leader Pinky Tomlin plays Homer 'Spec' Higgins, a singing farmer that wants to try for success in New York.

Directed by Leslie Goodwins

The Actors: Pinky Tomlin (Homer 'Spec' Higgins), Toby Wing (Barbara Holbrook), Kane Richmond (Don Gray), Arthur Housman (Gilbert Holbrook), Russell Hopton (Flash Henderson), Jerry Berger (himself), Billy Gray (himself), Peters Sisters (themselves), Chelito and Gabriel (themselves), Fuzzy Knight (Butch), Kenneth Thomson (unknown), G. Pat Collins (Joe), Olaf Hytten (Dickson) Bunny Bronson (Jane), Kernan Cripps (Turnkey), Jack Ingram (unknown), Si Jenks (Sheriff Wade), Eva McKenzie (Mrs. Higgins), Robert McKenzie (Mayor Jones), Bruce Mitchell (desk sergeant).


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Pinky Tomlin was a band leader in New York, and starred in fifteen movies, most with musical themes. In this musical crime adventure Pinky is farmer Spec Higgins from Huckabee, Arkansas who gets inspired to create and sing songs while milking his favorite cow Minnie. One day he listens to a radio show from New York City to see if a singer who he sent one of his songs to might sing it. Sure enough, the big New York singer does sing his song, and the singer claims that it is his own song, not even mentioning Spec.Old Spec gets his ire up, and since he just met a girl on the road looking for directions to New York, he gets to thinking that he should go to New York and see this singer who stole his song. In New York, at the radio studios, the singer's manager has Spec put in jail when he hears that he wrote the new hit song that the singer is claiming to be his own.

In jail, Spec has a very drunk cell mate, a good hearted fellow that can't talk straight, but seems very harmless. When the singer finds out that the fellow that wrote his song is in jail, he springs Spec and takes him to a fancy nightclub for dinner, and buys the song from him for $200 - just a fraction of what the song will be worth to the singer if he has the rights to it. The owner of the nightclub sees this, and he knows what the song is really worth. So the nightclub racketeer forces the crook singer to turn over the rights to the song, and the crook club owner takes charge of Spec and the singer, forcing Spec to write new songs for just a fraction of what they will really be worth. Poor country boy Spec is being totally taken by the big city slickers, and he doesn't even realize it. But he has an angel on his shoulder, because the people that will help him are entering his life.

Remember that Spec gave directions to a young girl looking for the road to New York City? Remember the funny drunk in jail with Spec? They are brother and sister, and they are destined to become Spec's friends. Not only that, but the lovable drunk turns out to be a high-powered attorney when he is sober, and sister Barbara is quite a singer. Through song after song, this happy musical crime adventure will wind its way to a happy ending while you are munching your white kernel popcorn and sipping on your favorite beverage.