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Dangerous Holiday (June 7, 1937)

Ronald Sinclair in Dangerous Holiday

Released on June 7, 1937: Young Violin prodigy Ronnie Kimall is making a fortune, but his relatives are sucking all of his money from him, and forcing him to perform more and more every day so that they can make more money from him.

Directed by Nicholas T. Barrows

The Actors: Ronald Sinclair (Ronnie Kimball), Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams (Duke Edwards), Hedda Hopper (Lottie Courtney), Jack La Rue (Gollenger), Jed Prouty (Gifford), Lynne Roberts (Jean Robbins), William Bakewell (Tom Wilson), Fern Emmett (Aunt Elsie), Virginia Sale (Aunt Augusta), Franklin Pangborn (Doffle, hotel clerk), Grady Sutton (Max), William Newell (Solitaire), Thomas E. Jackson (Marty), Olaf Hytten (Popcorn), Jack Mulhall (Police Sergeant), Michael Jeffrey (Jerry Courtney), Harvey Clark (Benjamin Robbins), Wade Boteler (Police Captain Blake), Carleton Young (Tango).


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Now, I gotta love a movie that has a henchman named "Popcorn," how about you? This light comedy will keep you smiling from beginning to end, as you watch a boy and his dog as they have the adventure of their young lives in a Dangerous Holiday. And it is always a joy to see Franklin Pangborn in his usual role as the hotel manager. Young Ronald Sinclair was born Richard Arthur Hould in Dunedin, New Zealand. After acting in several movies during the 1930's, he stayed in Hollywood and became an accomplished film editor, working until 1984.

Ronnie was an accomplished violinist at an early age, and featured in this motion picture as a prodigy violinist that runs away from home on an adventure of fun and danger. Our movie begins as we watch Ronnie's relatives as they fight for bigger parts of his income. By the time they are through, there is very little money left for Ronnie. They have him playing in concerts, making a movie, playing on radio shows, and every other money making opportunity that they can find. The don't alow him to play, or swim, or have any fun, but only work, work, work, so that they can reap all of the money that he earns. So what does fun-loving Ronnie do? He runs away and goes on a journey that will expose him to both good folks and a gang of criminals. When his family discovers that he is gone, they become convinced that he has been kidnapped by the biggest gang of criminals in the area.

Ronnie isn't on the road long before a cute little shaggy dog attaches itself to Ronnie. Along his excellent adventure he has many adventures that I will let you discover and enjoy for yourself as he tangles with neighborhood kids, gangsters, railroad millionaires and more until he is reunited with his family. Don't watch this alone, invite some children to watch with you, because watching them have fun with this young adventure will add to your joy also!