Wallaby Jim of the Islands (December 17, 1937)

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George Huston is Wallaby Jim of the Islands

Released on December 17, 1937: A rousing musical South Seas romp with pirates, treasure, fights over the ladies and adventure a plenty.

Directed by Charles Lamont

The Actors: George Houston (Wallaby Jim), Ruth Coleman (Allison, Norman's girl), Douglas Walton (Norman Brooks), Wilhelm von Brincken (Adolph Richter, pearl hunter), Mamo Clark (Lana), Colin Campbell (Limey, Kestrel crew), Syd Saylor (Jake, Kestrel crew), Juan Torena (Pascal, the thief), Nick Thompson (Carneli Joe, henchman), Warner Richmond (Karl Haage, henchman), Edward Gargan (Buck Morgan), Wilson Benge (Macklin, Raihoa saloon owner), Chris-Pin Martin (Mike), Kenneth Harlan (Michael Corell, henchman), John George (dwarf sailor), Al Kikume (Kemo, native pearl diver), James P. Spencer (native).


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