The Law of Contact

Island Captives (1937)

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Island Captives

Released in 1937: A girl whos father is murdered is stranded on a South Seas island with the son of the man who had her father killed.

Directed by Glenn Kershner

The Actors: Edward J. Nugent (Tom Willoughby), Joan Barclay (Helen Carsons), Henry Brandon (Dick Bannister), Charles King (Kelly), Forrest Taylor (C.B. Hudson), Carmen Laroux (Taino), Frederick Farmer (Sparks Graham), John Beck (George Carsons), John Sheehan (Island Police Commandant), Dick Botiller (henchman Bill), Al Kikume (native), Milburn Morante (barfly), George Morrell (Mike, bartender), Nestor Paiva (Taro, Carson's servant), Bill Patton (Red, henchman), Robert Penzy (unknown).


The Law of Contact

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