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Outside of Paradise (February 7, 1938)

Outside of Paradise

Released on February 7, 1938: An Irish singer in New York City inherits half of a castle in Ireland, but has plenty of trouble claiming his inheritance, and winds up establishing Ireland's first fast food burger joint.

Directed by John H. Auer

The Actors: Phil Regan (Danny Francis O'Toole), Penny Singleton (Colleen Kerrigan), Bert Gordon (Mischa), Leonid Kinskey (cafe owner Ivan Petrovich), Ruth Coleman (Dorothy Stonewall), Mary Forbes (Mrs. Stonewall), Lionel Pape (Mr. Stonewall), Ralph Remley (Timothy), Renie Riano (Ellen, housekeeper), Peter Lind Hayes (Lind), Joe E. Marks (Bass), David Kerman (Felix), Billy Young (Johnny), Cliff Nazarro (Cliff), Harry Allen (old man), Gloria Rich (singer).


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In my younger adult days, living in Cleveland, Ohio, I often enjoyed stopping at the White Castle fast food joint on Brookpark Road at Pearl Road and get a bag of 'sliders' to consume on the drive back home. Sliders are small hamburgers with bits of onion steamed into them, and a small paper pouch of deep fried onion bites. In 1921 White Castle started selling small hamburgers, or 'sliders,' in Wichita Kansas. Hamburgers were just being discovered, but much of America was hesitant to eat them, mainly because the joints that sold hamburgers were not very clean and people were rightly afraid of bad food. The fellow that started the White Castle chain turned this perception around by painting his restaurant pure white, and dressing his employees in bright white, and making sure that the walls, floors, tables and chairs were all scrubbed clean daily.

This romantic comedy adventure is about the first hamburger joint in Ireland in 1938, when hamburgers were a new sensation. We once again meet Phil Regan, the Irish singing cop from New York City, and he is joined by the famous Penny Singleton, better known as Dagwood's wife in the Blondie and Dagwood movie series. Pop a bowl of white kernel popcorn and drizzle plenty of warm melted butter on it, and enjoy a fun romp in Ireland with a hamburger joint, and then an American style nightclub in a fine Irish Castle.