Born to be Wild (February 16, 1938)

Born to be Wild

Released on February 16, 1938: Two renegade truck drivers battle bandits, gangsters and a young mysterious woman to get a load of dynamite delivered to a small town.

Directed by Joseph Kane

The Actors: Ralph Byrd (Steve Hackett), Doris Weston (Mary Stevens), Ward Bond (Bill Purvis), Robert Emmett Keane (J. Stearns Davis), Ben Hewlett (Wilson), Charles Williams (company spotter), Davison Clark (stranger), Byron Foulger (husband), George Anderson (Mayor), Edwin Stanley (Randolph), Ben Hendricks Jr. (deputy), Sterlita Peluffo (Manuela), Lew Kelly (Reilly, diner counterman ), Harrison Greene (J. Carroll Mallory), George Magrill (Hank), Anna Demetrio (Cristobella), Stanley Blystone (henchman), Tiny Jones (farmer's wife), Ethan Laidlaw (henchman), Al Bridge (Kennedy, trucker in cafe), George Cleveland (Stevens), Frank Darien (farmer), Eduardo Durant (Mexican band leader), Robert Fiske (unknown), James Flavin (striker), Harry Harvey (Wilson's depot henchman), Oscar 'Dutch' Hendrian (thug), Jack Hendricks (townsman), Reed Howes (gas station attendant), Edna Lawrence (unknown), Chris-Pin Martin (Garcia), Pat McKee (thug), Dave O'Brien (trucker), Frank O'Connor (Jim), Jack Rockwell (townsman), Carlos Ruffino (Mexican Band Musician), Max Wagner (Jake, trucker in cafe), Nellie Walker (unknown), Dan White (striker), Maston Williams (masher in diner).


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Ralph ByrdDoris Weston
Ralph Byrd - 1938Doris Weston - 1938
Ward BondDoris Weston and Ralph Byrd
Ward Bond - 1938Doris Weston and Ralph Byrd