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Prison Nurse (March 1, 1938)

Prison Nurse

Released on March 1, 1938: (running time 52 minutes) Floods are threatening the prison and spreading typhoid fever, and when three nurses are sent inside to help, one of them falls in love with a prisoner who is framed for murder.

Directed by James Cruze

The Actors: Henry Wilcoxon (Dale), Marian Marsh (Judy), Bernadene Hayes (Pepper Clancy), Ben Welden (Gaffney), Ray Mayer (Jackpot), John Arledge (Mousie, the stool pigeon), Addison-Richards (Warden Benson), Frank Reicher (Doctor Hartman), Minerva Urecal (Sutherland), Selmer Jackson (Parker), Fred Kohler Jr. (Miller), Norman Willis (deputy), Ed Brady (prisoner in hospital), Eddy Chandler (guard), Lester Dorr (prisoner in hospital), Harry Harvey (driver), Frank Mills (prisoner), Lee Phelps (guard), Dick Rich (prison switchboard operator), Charles Sullivan (prisoner).


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When I was a young kid I knew about my father's two brothers, Eugene and Dellas, but had no idea that he had a sister, Dorothy. Aunt Dorothy married a fellow and moved away from Canfield, Ohio before I was born, and there was some kind of rift between her and the family that kept her away, but I never found out what it was. Her name was never mentioned when I was very young and we visited Pap (Dad's father), Dellas and Eugene. Pap lived with Dellas, who never married, and Eugene lived up Palmyra Road just a bit. But one day when I was a teen, all of a sudden, while visiting Pap, my father and mother hustled us into the car and we went to the house next to Pap's, just a short way up the road. I was introduced to Aunt Dorothy. Her husband had passed, and she moved back to Canfield and bought the house next to Pap's house. All of a sudden I learned about my father's sister. She told me how she and my father would sit at the kitchen table as youngsters and read the same book together, waiting for each other before turning the page. She was a 'visiting nurse,' who would care for elderly patients in their homes, sometimes moving into the home and living with the elderly patient until the patient either recovered or passed on. It was Dorothy who told a wide-eyed Jimmy that if he would eat a quart of popcorn every day, he would have no health problems the rest of his life. And I surely have tried to live by those words, and have enjoyed very good health for many years. Now, I'm not dumb enough to believe that popcorn is a medical miracle food, but I do enjoy it immensely, and it sure doesn't seem to be doing me any harm . . . especially while watching a great old movie! I've become very partial to the white kernel variety, which is sometimes difficult to find. But thanks to the internet, I can search for it and find excellent varieties to keep me munching happily nearly every evening.

The nurses in this movie are like most nurses - caring and worrying more about the ill than even about their own safety. As the nurses arrive at the prison and see the dangerous looking inmates, one of them declares that they are as safe here as a stick of dynamite in a match factory. Very cool description. Before this exciting adventure on the wild side ends one of our nurses will fall in love with an imprisoned doctor who will be framed for murder and prison break, and when the only person who can prove his innocence dies, it looks pretty bleak for this loving couple. So grab yourself a bowl of popcorn and get ready for a prison adventure with tough hardened criminals vs young innocent nurses (Yeah, I know that the syntax of that sentence is horribly wrong, but that's the way it came out, so just deal with it . . . It is probably a ghost from my Mennonite ancestors. I can still remember Dad laughing at the way they would say things like, 'Throw the cow over the fence some hay.')

Marian MarshMinerva Urecal
Marian MarshMinerva Urecal
Bernadene HayesMarian Marsh
Bernadene HayesMarian Marsh
Henry WilcoxonAddison Richards
Henry WilcoxonAddison Richards - the warden
Addison Richards and Ben WeldenFrank Reicher
Addison Richards and Ben WeldenFrank Reicher
Henry Wilcoxon and Marian MarshBernadene hayes, John Arledge and Marian Marsh
Henry Wilcoxon and Marian MarshBernadene Hayes, John Arledge and Marian Marsh