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Young Fugitives (June 30, 1938)

Young Fugitives

Released on June 30, 1938: An old man that the town doesn't have time for suddenly gets fifty thousand dollars as the last surviving soldier of the Civil War, and suddenly becomes everyone's best friend, including a fellow that intends to steal all of his money.

Directed by John Rawlins

The Actors: Robert Wilcox (Ray Riggins), Dorothea Kent (Meg), Harry Davenport (Joel Bentham), Larry J. Blake (Silent Sam), Clem Bevans (Benjie Collins), Mira McKinney (Letty), Henry Roquemore (Mayor Henry Scudder), Tom Ricketts (Tom Riggins), Mary Treen (Kathy), William 'Billy' Benedict (Jud), Eddie Acuff (loafer), Victor Adams (Nick), Thomas Carr (telegraph clerk), Eddie Chandler (Alfred), George Douglas (Dressy), Douglas Evans (announcer), George Guhl (Fred), Edward Hearn (Legion Commander), Robert McKenzie (Zeke), George Ovey (gas station attendant), Ferris Taylor (Seth).


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