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Rebellious Daughters (July 1, 1938)

Marjorie Reynolds in Rebellious Daughters

Released on July 1, 1938: Two girls run away from their small town home to find excitement, independence and danger in the big city.

Directed by Jean Yarbrough

The Actors: Marjorie Reynolds (Claire Elliott), Verna Hillie (Barbara 'Babe' Webster), Sheila Bromley (Flo Russell), George Douglas (Joe Gilman), Dennis Moore (Jimmie Adams, reporter), Oscar O'Shea (Dad Elliott), Irene Franklin (Ma Delacy), Nick Lukats (Jerry Girard, second victim), Monte Blue (Charlie, aka Clint Houston), Lita Chevret (Kelly, aka Rita Houston), Vivian Oakland (Mrs. Webster), Peggy Bernier (unknown), Ted Claire (unknown), June Gittelson (Fluffy), Dell Henderson (Mr. Stanley, first victim), Al Hill (Al, chief henchman), Dick Hogan (boyfriend), Donald Kerr (unknown), Florence Lake (Dizzy).


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Papa was a preacher that wanted a big family, and I had 5 lovely older sisters to get my 'hand-me-downs' from. Actually, I didn't get any 'hand-me-downs' from my sisters, but it makes a great comedy line. I was, and still am, the black sheep of the family. Maybe it was because dad moved from time to time, none of us lives near each other. I have two sisters in California, one in Meadville, Pennsylvania, one in Maryland and one is a Canadian citizen, living in London, Ontario. And I wound up in Niles, Ohio. Because of this I wasn't real close to my sisters, and never really thought about being the 'rebellious' one until I was reminded of it at a family gathering. One of my sisters was celebrating a 'big number' wedding anniversary, and I went over to share in the celebration. While I was there, one of my grown up nephews came over to me to chat, and proudly informed me that he was the black sheep of the family . . . just like his uncle Jim . . . . me. It never occurred to me that I was the black sheep of my siblings, but of course I was, and am. No, I've never been in jail, or done other really anti-social things, but like my nephew, I favor the political party that all of the rest of the family doesn't. And I have no wife or children, while all of my sisters are perfect wives, mothers and responsible citizens of their communities. I have always walked a 'different' path from my sisters. They seemed to know from childhood what the rest of their lives would be like, and after a whole lot of years, I am still searching for my place on this old ball of mud called earth.

This movie is about two rebellious girls that run away from home and go to New York City to find the excitement, freedom and adventure that they cannot find in their small home town. One of the girls has wealthy parents that are much too busy with their own lives to spend any quality time with her. As a result, 'Babe' is a street-wise young tart that will do whatever it takes to find her excitement and adventure. Her friend Claire is the 'good girl' that lives a quiet life with her father and her older sister. Her mom died years ago, and dad keeps the girls very sheltered from life - maybe too sheltered, or maybe not - only time will tell. After a night on the town the two girls decide to run away from home. They find a boarding house in the city, thanks to a young reporter that they meet when they get to town. Ahh, but they also have met a scoundrel that gives them work. He runs a fancy dress shop, and his specialty is to use beautiful young girls to cozy up to the older men customers, and then he blackmails the old coots. Before you finish your bowl of buttered white kernel popcorn you and the girls will encounter crime, blackmail, murder and more in this exciting tale of foot-loose girls in the big city.