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Ride 'Em Cowgirl (January 20, 1939)

Dorothy Page in Ride 'Em Cowgirl

Released January 20, 1939: The town gangster wants the Rickson ranch as a cover for smuggling silver into the country, but a tough cowboy girl stands in his way.

Directed by Samuel Diege

The Actors: Dorothy Page (Helen Rickson), Vince Barnett (Dan Haggerty), Milton Frome (Oliver Shea), Lynn Mayberry (Belle), Frank Ellis (Sheriff Larson), Joseph W. Girard ('Ruf' Rickson), Merrill McCormick (the tall deputy), Harrington Reynolds (Sandy Doyle), Pat Henning (henchman Lingstrom), Fred Cordova (henchman Philbin), Eddie Gordon (henchman Grigg, mine guard), Lionel Backus (elderly townsman), Fred Behrle (Deputy Foster), Rex Dale (unknown), Lester Dorr (announcer), Adabelle Driver (townswoman), Harry Ely (unknown), Joe Farey (unknown), Cap Fields (unknown), Dan Fitzpatrick (unknown), Charles Groves (unknown), Lois Halsey (unknown), Helen Hathaway (unknown), Arthur Kay (unknown), Elizabeth Kay (unknown), Otto Lang (unknown), Clyde McClary (unknown), Jack O'Shea (unknown), Walter Patterson (unknown), Robert Richards (unknown), Blackjack Ward (unknown).

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