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Second Honeymoon (September, 1930)

Second Honeymoon

Released in September, 1930: Mary has fallen out of love with her husband, so the husband and his buddy scheme to teach her a lesson in love.

Directed by Phil Rosen

The Actors: Josephine Dunn (Mary Huntley), Edward Earle (Jim Huntley), Ernest Hilliard (Major Pat Lovering), Bernice Elliott (Edith), Fern Emmett (maid), Harry Allen (the sheriff), Henry Roquemore (the deputy sheriff), Irving Bacon (waiter), Harry Bowen (waiter), Jules Cowles (Joe the hired hand)


Take My Wife . . . Please . . .

Jim and Mary have been married for some time now, and Mary is bored because Jim has lost his romantic side, always working to provide Mary with the luxury that she enjoys. Mary is ready to run away and leave Jim behind so that she can discover romance again. What good fortune when Mary's old boyfriend Major Pat Lovering arrives for a visit. You see, Major Pat and Jim were best friends and they both wanted Mary in the worst way, but Jim won her heart and her hand, so Major Pat went off in search of adventure in far away and strange places. Now that Pat has come for a visit Mary imagines that he holds the keys to her happiness and romance. She decides that she has chosen the wrong man to spend her life with, and now is the time to make that right. When Pat hears about her intentions to leave his best friend Jim, Pat gets Jim alone and suggests a scheme to make Mary fall in love with Jim again. Here's what Pat comes up with:

Pat tells Jim that he needs to put more romance into their marriage, and make Mary realize what a wonderful man her husband Jim is. Pat says that he can help his friend Jim by running away with Mary. The plan is that Pat and Mary run away together in search of the great adventure. Pat will take Mary into the wilderness to a mountain lodge for a week alone. Pat will let Mary see how rough the wilderness can be compared to her pampered city life. Then the two boys will hire a couple of thugs to attack Pat and Mary in the lodge, and Pat will run away in fear for his life leaving Mary alone with the thugs. At that point husband Jim will come to the rescue and scare the thugs away. Mary will fall into her husband's arms and realize that her old husband is indeed better than her dreams of adventure and romance with Pat. A great plan, and nothing could go wrong, right? Well now, just pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and get ready for a comedy that may even give you ideas about a second honeymoon.

Bernice Elliott
Bernice Elliott as Edith in Second Honeymoon
Edward Earle and Ernest Hilliard
Edward Earle and Ernest Hilliard
Edward Earle and Josephine Dunn
Edward Earle and Josephine Dunn
Ernest Hilliard
Ernest Hilliard faces the real renegade Indians instead of the hired dummies
Ernest Hilliard
Ernest Hilliard as Major Pat Lovering, telling stories of bravery and adventure
Harry Allen, Edward Earle and Josephine Dunn
Harry Allen, as the sheriff, congratulates Edward Earle after he fights and captures the two escaped Indian renegades
Irving Bacon and Harry Bowen
Irving Bacon and Harry Bowen try to earn some money by dressing up as fake Indians to scare Josephine Dunn
Irving Bacon and Harry Bowen
Irving Bacon and Harry Bowen get fired from their waiter jobs and go looking for work
Josephine Dunn and Edward Earle
Josephine Dunn and Edward Earle as he faces the real renegade Indians who are threatening his wife Josephine Dunn
Josephine Dunn and Ernest Hilliard
Josephine Dunn and Ernest Hilliard run away together in search of romance and adventure
Josephine Dunn, Jules Cowles and Ernest Hilliard
Jules Cowles has the mule train ready for Josephine Dunn and Ernest Hilliard so that they can begin their wilderness adventure
Josephine Dunn and Jules Cowles
Jules Cowles tells Josephine Dunn that she must ride a mule to their final destination
Josephine Dunn
Josephine Dunn in Second Honeymoon
Josephine Dunn
Josephine Dunn fears for her life as the renegade Indians take over the cabin