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Rainbow Valley (March 15, 1935)

John Wayne in Rainbow Valley

Released on March 15, 1935: It's time that Rainbow valley had a proper road for automobiles instead of only horse trails, but the town outlaw wants to prevent John Wayne from building it at any cost.

Directed by Robert N. Bradbury

The Actors: John Wayne (John Martin), Lucile Browne (Eleanor), George 'Gabby' Hayes (George Hale), LeRoy Mason (Rogers), Lloyd Ingraham (Warden Powell), Jay Wilsey (Butch Galt), Frank Ball (Powell), Bert Dillard (henchman Spike), Tommy Coats (henchman), Art Dillard (townsman), Frank Ellis (townsman), Fern Emmett (townswoman), Jack Evans (townsman), Olin Francis (townsman), Herman Hack (henchman), Lafe McKee (storekeeper), Buck Morgan (townsman), Artie Ortego (henchman), Tex Palmer (henchman), Eddie Parker (prison guard), Tex Phelps (henchman), Henry Roquemore (townsman).


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John Wayne started working in movies in 1926 for the Fox Film Corporation, but after three pictures was let go. He then went to Columbia Pictures but he had several disputes with the owner and was soon relegated to bit parts until they parted company. After leaving Columbia he worked for several small studios where he made dozens of inexpensive cowboy westerns for all the kids on Saturday afternoon movie adventures and his name and face became so popular that by the late 1940's he was a sought after star that would work on big budget movies and he commanded big bucks for his on screen work. In this cowboy western John Wayne seems to be an ex-con who is trying to start over by helping a small western town build a road to it for automobile use, as the town can only be reached on horseback. Rainbow Valley desperately needs a proper road built so that progress, law and order can get into town. But the town outlaw doesn't want the road built and will stop at nothing to see that it isn't! So it is John Wayne against the town outlaws, and maybe in this one Wayne will side with the outlaws and sabotage the road! Can it be? Will John Wayne go to the dark side in this movie? Have no fear, and munch your white kernel buttered popcorn with glee as you watch this adventure, because John Wayne will come through in the end, outwitting the outlaws and saving the town in John Wayne style.

Gabby Hayes in Nellie, his car
Gabby Hayes hooks up the horses to pull his car when it runs out of gas.
George 'Gabby' Hayes and Lloyd Ingraham
George 'Gabby' Hayes and Lloyd Ingraham discover that John Wayne is an ex-con recently released from the State Prison.
George 'Gabby' Hayes
George 'Gabby' Hayes in Rainbow Valley
Jan Wilsey and LeRoy Mason
Jay Wilsey and LeRoy Mason are the outlaws in Rainbow Valley
John Wayne
John Wayne in 1935
John Wayne and Gabby Hayes
John Wayne and George 'Gabby' Hayes arrive in Rainbow Valley aboard Gabby's car named Nellie
John Wayne and Jay Wilsey
Jay Wilsey tries to get John Wayne to sabotage the new road
John Wayne
John Wayne in Rainbow Valley
John Wayne
John Wayne flirts with postmistress Lucile Browne
Lafe McKee and John Wayne
After getting out of prison John Wayne buys a gun and a horse from merchant Lafe McKee in Rainbow Valley
Lafe McKee and John Wayne
Lafe McKee and John Wayne in Rainbow Valley
LeRoy Mason
LeRoy Mason is up to no good as the outlaw 'Rogers' in Rainbow Valley
Lloyd Ingraham
Lloyd Ingraham tells the towns folk that they need a fighter to help them build the road to town.
Lloyd Ingraham
Lloyd Ingraham asks John Wayne to take over the job of building a road into Rainbow Valley
Lucile Browne and LeRoy Mason
Lucile Brown and LeRoy Mason
Lucile Browne
Lucile Browne as Eleanor the town postmistress at Rainbow Valley
Lucile Brown and John Wayne
Lucile Brown gets kissed by John Wayne after he finishes the road to Rainbow Valley and captures the outlaws.