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The Last Alarm (June 25, 1940)

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J. Farrell MacDonald in The Last Alarm

Released June 25, 1940: Just as Jim is planning his retirement from the fire department, his friend is killed in an arson fire, and Jim must hunt down his friend's killer.

Directed by William West

The Actors: J. Farrell MacDonald (Jim Hadley), Polly Ann Young (Joan Hadley), Warren Hull (Frank Rogers), George Pembroke (Wendell), Mary Gordon (Mrs. Hadley), Joel Friedkin (Burt Stafford), Bruce MacFarlane (Jack Henderson), Eddie Hart (Dick Roberts), Willard Hall (Briggs), Charles Anthony Hughes (Lieutenant King), Charles R. Phipps (Stevens), Eddie Kane (Fire Chief), James Coughlin (Cummings)

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