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Little Men (November 29, 1940)

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Little Men

Releasedon November 29, 1940: Louisa May Alcott's famous tale of the Plumfield School for poor boys. If you look closely, you will recognize many of the buildings and street views from Gone With The Wind, including the best close-up view of the front porch of Tara.

Directed by Norman Z. McLeod

The Actors: Kay Francis (Jo March), Jack Oakie (Willie the Fox), George Bancroft (Major Burdle), Jimmy Lydon (Dan), Ann Gillis (Nan), Carl Esmond (Professor Bhaer), Richard Nichols (Teddy), Casey Johnson (Robby), Francesca Santoro (Bess), Johnny Burke (Silas), Lillian Randolph (Asia), Sammy McKim (Tommy), Edward Rice (Demi), Anne Howard (Daisy), Jimmy Zahner (Jack), Bobby Cooper (Adolphus), Schuyler Standish (Nat), Paul Mathews (Stuffy), Tony Neil (Ned), Fred Estes (Emmett), Douglas Rucker (Billy), Donald Rackerby (Frank), William Demarest (Constable Tom Thorpe), Sterling Holloway (reporter), Isabel Jewell (Stella), Elsie the Cow (Buttercup), Charles Arnt (the drunk in the medicine show), Stanley Blystone (bartender), Nora Cecil (head of the orphanage), Hal K. Dawson (telegraph operator), Sarah Edwards (the landlady), George D. Green (poker player), Jack Henderson (drunk), Howard C. Hickman (the Doctor), Lloyd Ingraham (the Judge), George Irving (the Truant Officer), William Irving (bartender), Bud Jamison (cop), Nella Walker (Truant Officer), Clarence Wilson (W. L. Reynolds), Duke York (poker player).

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