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Mad Youth (May 5, 1940)

Mary Ainslee in Mad Youth

Released on May 5, 1940: A wealthy young girl and her mother both fall in love with the same man - but he's just a gigolo.

Directed by Melville Shyer

The Actors: Mary Ainslee (Marian Morgan), Betty Compson (Lucy Morgan), Willy Castello (Count DeHoven), Betty Atkinson (Helen Johnson), Tommy Wonder (Harry), Lorelei Readoux (Beth), Margaret Fealy (Helen's grandmother) Donald Kerr (taxi driver), Ray Hirsch (Jittter Bug), Eugene Taylor (Jitter Bug), Aileen Morris (Jitter Bug), Maxine Taylor (Jitter Bug), Pearl Tolson (Jitter Bug), Monte Collins (Stewart the singing bridge player), Steve Clemente (the knife thrower), Glen Dennison (Jitter Bug), Florence Dudley (the Madam), Ray Henderson (brawler), Ethelreda Leopold (the blonde secretary), Clyde McClary (brawler), Fay McKenzie (escort girl), Bruce Mitchell (policeman), Noel Neill (teenager), Hal Price (escort bureau manager), Donald Reed (club Emcee).


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