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The Ape (September 30, 1940)

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Boris Karloff in The Ape

Released on September 30, 1940: Boris Karloff is Dr. Adrian, a mad scientist trying unorthodox methods to cure a crippled young girl.

Directed by William Nigh

The Actors: Boris Karloff (Dr. Bernard Adrian), Maris Wrixon (Miss Frances Clifford), Gene O'Donnell (Danny Foster), Dorothy Vaughan (Mother Clifford), Gertrude Hoffman (Jane, Adrian's housekeeper), Henry Hall (Sheriff Jeff Halliday), Selmer Jackson (Dr. McNulty), Jessie Arnold (Mrs. Brill, Willie's mother), Billy Bletcher (short man with mustache in the posse), Harry C. Bradley (Quinn the druggist), George Cleveland (Mr. Howley the circus caretaker), Ray Corrigan (Nabu the ape), Pauline Drake (young girl), Mary Field (Mrs. Mason), Gibson Gowland (posse member), Julia Griffith (townswoman), I Stanford Jolley (the ape trainer), Stan Jolley (boy in the soda shop), Jack Kennedy (Deputy Archie Tomlin), Donald Kerr (the citizen carrying the mauled ape trainer), Philo McCullough (Henry Mason), Buddy Swan (Willie), Minerva Urecal (townswoman).


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