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The Carson City Kid (July 1, 1940)

Roy Rogers is The Carson City Kid

Released on July 1, 1940: Roy Rogers pretends to be outlaw Carson City Kid as he searches for his brother's killer.

Directed by Joseph Kane

The Actors: Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers posing as the Carson City Kid), George 'Gabby' Hayes (Marshal Gabby Whitaker), Bob Steele (Lee Jessup and Morgan Reynolds), Noah Beery Jr. (Scott 'Arizona' Warren), Pauline Moore (Joby Madison), Francis McDonald (Laramie), Hal Taliaferro (Rick Harmon), Arthur Loft (Kirke), George Rosener (Judge Tucker), Chester Gan (Wong Lee), Chuck Baldra (barfly and a posse rider), Hank Bell (stage driver), Ralph Bucko (posse rider), Roy Bucko (stage passenger and posse rider), Fred Burns (townsman wanting hanging), Fox O'Callahan (barfly), Yakima Canutt (Pete the bartender), Art Dillard (barfly), Curley Dresden (barfly and posse rider), Bob Duncan (posse rider), Olin Francis (prospector), Oscar Gahan (the bar fiddle player), Kit Guard (waiter in saloon), Herman Hack (barfly), Chick Hannan (barfly and posse rider), Tex Harper (barfly), Al Haskell (accordian player), Jack Ingram (townsman who was looking at the reward poster), Jack Kirk (posse rider), Ted Mapes (stage coach shotgun guard), Frankie Marvin (saloon banjo player), Lew Morphy (barfly), Jack O'Shea (trial spectator), Hal Price (drunk), Jack Rockwell (poker player with the ace in the hole), Tom Smith (townsman), Al Taylor (posse rider).


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