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The Fargo Kid (December 6, 1940)

Tim Holt in The Fargo Kid

Released on December 6, 1940: Tim Holt, The Fargo Kid, is mistaken for an outlaw in this cowboy comedy adventure.

Directed by Edward Killy

The Actors: Tim Holt (The Fargo Kid), Ray Whitley (Johnny), Emmett Lynn (Whopper), Jane Drummond (Jenny Winters), Cy Kendall (Nick Kane), Ernie Adams (Bush Cleveland), Paul Fix (Deuce Mallory), Paul Scardon (Caleb Winters), Glenn Strange (Sheriff Dave), Mary MacLaren (Mrs. Sarah Winters), Ken Card (banjo player), Tommy Coats (townsman), Billy Franey (deaf barfly), Dick Hogan (young man with ore), Herman Nowlin (deputy), Ezra Paulette (musician), Lee Phelps (bartender), Charles Quirk (musician), Rudy-Sooter (bass player), Hayden Stevenson (Micaville hotel clerk).


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If you are old enough to remember and love Bret Maverick (James Garner) from the old television show, you know already what the flavor of this movie will be like. It is a serious cowboy adventure, but with enough straight-faced humor built in to keep you smiling as you munch your hot buttered popcorn.

Young and dashing Tim Holt is the Fargo Kid, on his way into a western town to meet a couple of his buddies and try to earn enough money to enter an upcoming rodeo. He loses his horse, but keeps his saddle, and while standing there another fellow comes up on a horse without a saddle. They decide to play cards, and one of them will take both the horse and the saddle, and the other will walk. It turns out that the fellow with the horse is the infamous outlaw Deuce Mallory. The Fargo Kid wins the horse and rides into town on the killer's horse. What he doesn't know is that the owner of the Assay office has sent for the killer, and will recognize him by the horse he rides. The Fargo Kid is given five thousand dollars to kill a local gold mine prospector. Later, the real killer arrives in town, and the mixups begin. You don't need a blow-by-blow of the plot line to get you interested in watching this humorous adventure, so I'll let you enjoy the story as it unfolds.

Pop a big bowl of white-kernel popcorn and drizzle on some freshly melted real butter, with a sprinkle of salt, and grab a large soda to enjoy while you smile your way through this ground-breaking cowboy adventure from 1940 that you'll swear must have been made much later, because cowboy movies in 1940 were never this funny . . . until the Fargo Kid hit town.