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The Ranger and the Lady (July 30, 1940)

Gabby Hayes in The Ranger and the Lady

Released on July 30, 1940: Roy Rogers is a Texas Ranger that helps a lady that is being charged a fee to use the Santa Fe trail in this tale of the first 'turnpike pay road.'

Directed by Joseph Kane

The Actors: Roy Rogers (Texas Ranger Captain Roy Colt), George 'Gabby' Hayes (Texas Ranger Sergeant Gabby Whittaker), Julie Bishop (Jane Tabor), Harry Woods (Kincaid), Henry Brandon (General Augustus Larue), Noble Johnson (henchman El Lobo), Si Jenks (Freighter Hank Purdy), Ted Mapes (henchman Kramer), Yakima Canutt (Mack), Chuck Baldra (henchman), Roy Bucko (henchman), Fred Burns (Freighter Winslow), Davison Clark (Sam Houston), Spade Cooley (Brent's banjo player), Victor Cox (freight wagon driver), Art Dillard (freight wagon driver), Herman Hack (freight wagon driver), Chick Hannan (henchman), Neal Hart (freight wagon driver), Al Haskell (accordion player), Lloyd Ingraham (Doctor Corbin), Tom London (Independent freight wagon driver), Chief Many Treaties (the Indian with head feathers), LeRoy Mason (Jane's dance partner), Bud McClure (freight wagon driver), Bill Nestell (freight wagon driver), Vestor Pegg (freighter), Al Taylor (wagon guard), Henry Wills (henchman).


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