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'Neath Brooklyn Bridge (November 20, 1942)

The East Side Kids in Neath Brooklyn Bridge

Released November 20, 1942: The East Side Kids at their best. You will laugh till you cry watching this romantic crime comedy.

Directed by Wallace Fox

The Actors: Leo Gorcey (Muggs McGinnis), Bobby Jordan (Danny Lyons), Huntz Hall (Glimpy), Gabriel Dell (Skid), Noah Beery Jr. (Butch), Marc Lawrence ('Mac' McGaffey), Ann Gillis (Sylvia), Dave O'Brien (Police Sergeant Phil Lyons), Ernest Morrison (Scruno), Stanley Clements (Stash), Bobby Stone (Skinny), Jack Raymond (Sniffy, a henchman), Betty Wells (Bunny the dancer), Dewey Robinson (Police Captain), Patsy Moran ('Glimpy's' Mother), Jack Mulhall (Police Sergeant Clancy), Bud Osborne (Morley), J. Arthur Young (Bright Eyes), Franklyn Farnum (Policeman), Jack Kenney (Police Officer Kenney), Frank Moran (Mike the bartender), George Morrell (the second soup customer), 'Snub' Pollard (the first soup customer), and Betty Sinclair (the dress saleswoman)


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