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The Living Ghost (A Walking Nightmare) - (March 17, 1939)

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James Dunn in The Living Ghost

Released November 27, 1942: Nick and Billie get married and take a honeymoon in a house that turns out to be haunted by a criminal and his cronies (comedy horror thriller also known as 'A Walking Nightmare').

Directed by William Beaudine

The Actors: James Dunn (Nick Trayne), Joan Woodbury (Billie Hilton), Paul McVey (Ed Moline), Vera Gordon (Sister Lapidus), Norman Willis (Cedric the butler), J. Farrell MacDonald (Police Lieutenant 'Pete' Peterson), Minerva Urecal (Delia Phillips), George Eldredge (Tony Weldon), Jan Wiley (Tina Craig), Edna Johnson (Helen Craig), Danny Beck (the doubletalker), Gus Glassmire (Walter Craig), Lawrence Grant (Dr. Bruhling), Howard Banks (Arthur Wallace), J. Arthur Young (George Phillips), Frances Richards (Dr. Bruhling's nurse), Jack Cheatham (Police Officer Finnegan), Harry Depp (Homer Hawkins), Pat Gleason (reporter), Ralph Littlefield (man in Trayne's outer office), Frank Moran (the caretaker), Forrest Taylor (Dr. Taggert).

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This movie was promoted as a scary horror flick, but take my word for it, you can pop the corn, invite the youngsters to watch with you and all the family can enjoy this detective murder mystery. Joseph Hoffman wrote the screenplay for this one, and all of the characters are a bit over the top, and wise-cracking their way through an interesting zombie murder mystery.

A millionaire disappears for a few days, reappearing as a zombie with 'paralyzed' brain cells. Then someone gets killed in the garden, with lots of suspects also 'in the garden.' Only smart-alek Nick Trayne can figure out how to find the real killer, and keep from getting killed himself, and woo the pretty Billie Hilton.

Don't even try to keep all of the characters straight so you can figure out the clues and the killer . . . just ride along with the plot, and enjoy the dialogue, you'll have spent a quick hour with a smile on your lips and enjoyed a lively ghost story.