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Today I Hang (January 9, 1942)

Walter Woolf King in Today I Hang

Released on January 9, 1942: Jim O'Brien is framed for the murder of a wealthy businessman and the theft of a valuable necklace.

Director: Oliver Drake

The Actors: Walter Woolf King (Jim O'Brien), Mona Barrie (Martha Courtney), William Farnum (Warden Burke), Harry Woods (Henry Courtney), James Craven (Joseph Rand), Michael Raffetto (Roger Lanning), Sam Bernard (Slick Pheeney), Robert Fiske (Detective Johnson), Paul Scardon (Hobbs), Jimmy Aubrey, Linda Brent, Donald Curtis (ticket agent), Lloyd Ingraham (the judge), Jane Keckley, Larry McGrath (bit part), Charles McMurphy (policeman), Robert Walker (prison guard).


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This is a classic 1940's film noir cops and robbers murder mystery. Jim O'Brien was a fellow that worked for a shady importer that was defrauding a client of a valuable necklace. Jim was sent overseas to get him out of the way, but he returned and demanded his share of the necklace, and his back pay from while he was overseas. It turns out that his boss' wife was also Jim's girl first, but after a squabble, she married the boss instead. The Boss says he will pay Jim off that evening in his office, but Jim waits for two hours without the boss showing up. It turns out that the boss is dead, and the murder gun has been planted in Jim's bag, and he is convicted of the murder, and will hang in 4 days. His old girlfriend, the widow of the murdered man, talks his crooked lawyer into getting Jim out of jail so Jim can get the necklace and pay off the lawyer, but Jim doesn't know where the necklace is. The tale gets even more convoluted, and will keep you interested right up to the last scene.