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King of the Cowboys (February 22, 1943)

Roy Rogers in King of the Cowboys

Released on April 9, 1943: America is at war in 1943, and the Governor wants Roy to uncover a spy ring and bring the culprits to justice.

Directed by Joseph Kane

The Actors: Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers), Smiley Burnette (Frog Millhouse), Bob Nolan (singer), Sons of the Pioneers (singers), Peggy Moran (Judy Mason), Gerald Mohr (Maurice the Mental Marvel), Dorothea Kent (Ruby Smith), Lloyd Corrigan (William Kraley, the Governor's secretary), James Bush (Dave Mason), Russell Hicks (Texas Governor Shuville), Irving Bacon (Alf Cluckus the jailer), Norman Willis (Henchman Buxton), Richard Alexander (Joe the prop man), Hank Bell (parade spectator), Ray Bennett (the garage man henchman), Pat Brady (member Sons of the Pioneers), Lynton Brent (car wreck henchman), Roy Bucko (spectator), Bob Burns (man in audience), Harry Burns (Joe the cafe owner), Yakima Canutt (Duke Wilson, henchman), Victor Cox (townsman), Eddie Dean (lawman Tex), Eddie Dew (Bridge Henchman), Art Dillard (car wreck signal man), John Dilson (Bryson), Edward Earle (businessman), Hugh Farr (member, Sons of the Pioneers), Karl Farr (member, Sons of the Pioneers), Bud Geary (State Line outlaw), William Gould (Texas Sheriff), Harrison Greene (telegrapher), Stuart Hamblen (Duke Wilson), Herbert Heyes (Arkansas Sheriff), Earle Hodgins (Ike), Reed Howes (second usher), Elmer Jerome (George Smedley), Fred Johnson (juggler clown), Jack Kirk (State Line bartender), Kate Drain Lawson (Mrs. Sophie Smedley), Rex Lease (Bridge Henchman), Bert Moorhouse (agent with Governor in car), Jack O'Shea (man the finds the body), Cliff Parkinson (bridge henchman), Edward Peil Sr. (townsman), Lloyd Perryman (member, Sons of the Pioneers), Ralph Peters (the Governor's chauffeur), Herbert Rawlinson (businessman), Jack Ray (guard), Dick Rich (the Governor's Representative at the parade) Tom Smith (parade spectator), Rudy Sooter (camp guitar player), Hugh Sothern (businessman), Tim Spencer (member, Sons of the Pioneer), Charles Sullivan (the burly usher), Forrest Taylor (the lawman with Tex), Emmett Vogan (the gang's audience plant), Dick Wessel (Hershel), Harry Willingham (audience member), Bill Wolfe (parade spectator).


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