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So This Is Washington (January, 1943)

Lum and Abner in So This Is Washington

Released in February, 1943: (running time 64 minutes) Lum and Abner decide to help the Government win WWII by giving them their secret recipe for licorice to use as a substitute for hard to find rubber.

Directed by Ray McCarey

The Actors: Chester Lauck (Lum), Norris Goff (Abner), Alan Mowbray (Chester W. Marshall), Mildred Coles (Jane Nestor, Marshall's secretary), Roger Clark (Robert Blevins), Sarah Padden (Aunt Charity Speers), Matt McHugh (stranger in the park renting 'rooms'), Brooks Benedict (first hotel desk clerk), Chester Conklin (inventor with the pocket machine gun), Heinie Conklin (Steve Reynolds the station agent), Jimmie Dodd (Earl, the hick townsman), Dan Duncan (Melvin Speers, grandpappy), Ben Erway (the congressman), Jack Gargan (a reporter), Lloyd Ingraham (the inventor with the parachute), Boyd Irwin (the Senator), Eddie Kane (the department store manager), Wilbur Mack (the inventor with the memory tablets), Barbara Pepper (Betty the taxi driver), Jack Rice (gold hotel desk clerk), Cyril Ring (the second hotel clerk), Ben Taggart (Senator Vickers), Minerva Urecal (Mrs. Pomeroy)


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