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Bluebeard (November 20, 1944)

John Carradine is Bluebeard

Released on November 20, 1944: John Carradine plays a mad man who paints a portrait of young girls, and then strangles them to death.

Directed by Edgar G. Ulmer

The Actors: John Carradine (Gaston Morrell), Jean Parker (Lucille), Nils Asther (Inspector Lefevre), Ludwig Stossel (Jean Lamarte), George Pembroke (Inspector Renard), Teala Loring (Francine), Sonia Sorel (Renee), Henry Kolker (Deschamps), Emmett Lynn (Le Soldat), Iris Adrian (Mimi), Patti McCarty (Babette), Carrie Devan (Constance), Anne Sterling (Jeanette), Harry Cording (policeman), Frank Darien (inquiry Judge), George Irving (the Duke of Carineaux).


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