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I'm From Arkansas (October 31, 1944)

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I'm From Arkansas

Released on October 31, 1944: “I'm From Arkansas,” is a Romantic Musical Comedy featuring Carolina Cotton, who played Abby Alden, and was known as 'America's favorite yodeling cowgirl'. Carolina released several songs in addition to appearing in other movies. You can find out more about Carolina at her official website at: //carolinacotton.org

Directed by Lew Landers

The Actors: Slim Summerville (Juniper Jenkins), El Brendel (Oly), Iris Adrian (Doris), Bruce Bennett (Bob Hamline), Maude Eburne (Matilda Alden Jenkins), Cliff Nazarro (Willie Childs), Al St. John (Farmer), Carolina Cotton (Abigail 'Abby' Alden), Danny Jackson (Efus Jenkins), Paul Newlan (farmer), Harry Harvey (Slowe Packing Company representative), Arthur Q. Bryan (Commissioner of Agriculture), John Hamilton (Harry Cashin, the Vice President of Slowe Packing Company), Douglas Wood (Governor of Arkansas), Walter Baldwin (packing company attorney), Flo Bert (showgirl), The Pied Pipers (themselves), The Sunshine Girls (the girl trio), Jimmy Wakely (himself), Jimmie Dean (musician), Vivian Earls (a Sunshine Trio girl), Mary Ford (a Sunshine Trio girl), June Widener (A Sunshine Trio girl), Frankie Marvin (Jimmy Wakely's steel guitar player), Vivian Mason (chorus girl), Edward Milo (singer), Edwin Milo (singer), Merle Travis (himself).


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