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Lady in the Death House (March 15, 1944)

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Lady in the Death House

Released on March 15, 1944: A lady waiting to be put to death claims that she was framed by a man who was blackmailing her.

Directed by Steve Sekely

The Actors: Jean Parker (Mary Kirk Logan), Lionel Atwill (Charles Finch), Douglas Fowley (Dr. Dwight 'Brad' Bradford), Marcia Mae Jones (Suzy Kirk Logan), Robert Middlemass (State's attorney), Cy Kendall (detective), John Maxwell (Robert Snell ), George Irving (Gregory), Forrest Taylor (the warden), Sam Flint (Governor Harrison), Dick Curtis (Willis Millen), Jimmy Aubrey (Grotto bartender), Byron Foulger (Mr. Avery), Emmett Lynn (cafe cook), Helen MacKellar (prison matron).


Free Download of the old movie Lady in the Death House

Lady-in-the-Death-House-1944.mp4 (561mb - 720x526)
Lady-in-the-Death-House-1944-720p.mp4 (1gb - 986x720)