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Nabonga (January 25, 1944)

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Buster Crabbe in Nabonga

Released on January 25, 1944: Ray's dead father was a banker accused of stealing money from his bank, and Ray travels to the deepest part of Africa to clear his father's name.

Directed by Sam Newfield

The Actors: Buster Crabbe (Ray Gorman), Julie London (Doreen Stockwell), Barton MacLane (Carl Hurst), Fifi D'Orsay (Marie), Bryant Washburn (white hunter), Herbert Rawlinson (T.F. Stockwell), Prince Modupe (Tobo), Jackie Newfield (Doreen Stockwell as a child), Ray Corrigan (Samson the gorilla), Jack Gardner (pilot), I. Stanford Jolley (policeman), Edmund Mortimer (trader), Fred 'Snowflake' Toones (native attacking Tobo)


Free Download of the old movie Nabonga

Nabonga-1944.mp4 (594mb - 720x526)

Nabonga-1944-720p.mp4 (998mb - 986x720)