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A Song for Miss Julie (February 19, 1945)

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Shirley Ross in A Song for Miss Julie

Released on February 19, 1945: A romantic musical drama about a southern family making a play for New York with plenty of family fighting.

Directed by William Rowland

The Actors: Shirley Ross (Valerie Kimbro), Barton Hepburn (George Kimbro), Jane Farrar (Julie Charteris), Roger Clark (Stephen Mont), Cheryl Walker (Marcelle Conway), Elisabeth Risdon (Mrs. Ambrose Charteris), Lillian Randolph (Eliza Henry), Peter Garey (Pete the bellhop), Renie Riano (Eurydice Lannier), Harry Crocker (John Firbank), Vivien Fay (herself), Alicia Markova (herself, ballet dancer), Anton Dolin (himself, ballet dancer), George M. Carleton (lawyer), Earle S. Dewey (dinner companion), Bess Flowers (woman in audience), June Hillman (Mrs. Firbank), Broderick O'Farrell (man in audience), Larry Steers (man in audience), Ellinor Vanderveer (guest).


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