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Marked for Murder (February 8, 1945)

Tex Ritter is Marked for Murder

Released on February 8, 1945: There is a range war between the cattlemen and the sheep men, and Ranger Tex tries to bring peace to the range.

Directed by Elmer Clifton

The Actors: Tex Ritter (Tex Haines), Dave O'Brien (Texas Ranger Dave Wyatt), Guy Wilkerson (Texas Ranger Panhandle Perkins), Marilyn McConnell (Ruth Lane), Ed Cassidy (Dick Vernon), Henry Hall (Sheriff Jim Whitlock), Charles King (henchman Pete Magoo), Jack Ingram (Sam Taylor), Bob Kortman (henchman), The Milo Twins (musicians), Jimmy Aubrey (bartender), Roy Bucko (cattleman), Frank Ellis (Jed Moore), Jack Evans (Jack, sheepman), Art Felix (Randy Smith), Herman Hack (sheepman), Chick Hannan (cattleman), Jack Hendricks (Nord Collins), Kermit Maynard (henchman), George Sowards (cowhand), Wally West (henchman), Wen Wright (Bill Ganer).


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