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The Echo Murders (December 17, 1945)

The Echo Murders

Released on December 17, 1945: While solving several puzzling murders, Sexton Blake stumbles on a Nazi plot to invade England.

Directed by John Harlow

The Actors: David Farrar (Sexton Blake), Dennis Price (Dick Warren), Pamela Stirling (Stella Duncan), Julien Mitchell (James Duncan), Cyril Smith (P.C. Smith), Dennis Arundell (Rainsford), Ferdy Mayne (Dacier), Johnnie Schofield (Purvis), Paul Croft (Marat), Kynaston Reeves (Beales), Desmond Roberts (Cotter), Danny Green (Carl), Patric Curwen (Dr. Grey), Tony Arpino (Fox), Vincent Holman (Colonel Wills), Howard Douglas (Preston), Billy Howard (Sergeant Crossby), Anders Timberg (Wrexham), H. Victor Weske (Otto), Gerald Pring (Sir Horace Cranston), Noel Dainton (Van Schuster), Charles Hersee (Landlord), Olive Walter (Housekeeper).


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