The Law of Contact

Murder is My Business (March 7, 1946)

The Bushwhackers

Released on March 7, 1946: (running time 61 minutes)

Produced by Sigmund Neufeld

Directed by Sam Newfield

The Actors: Hugh Beaumont (Michael Shayne), Cheryl Walker (Phyllis Hamilton), Lyle Talbot (Buell Renslow), George Meeker (Carl Meldrum), Pierre Watkin (Arnold Ramsey), Richard Keene (Tim Rourke, newspaper reporter), David Reed (Ernest Ramsey), Carol Andrews (Mona Tabor), Julia McMillan (Dorothy Ramsey), Helene Heigh (Eleanor Renslow Ramsey), Ralph Dunn (Police Detective Pete Rafferty), Parker Garvie (Joe Darnell), Virginia Christine (Dora Darnell), Jack Chefe (headwaiter), Jack Collins (detective), Jack J. Ford (orchestra leader), Donald Kerr (cabbie messenger), Broderick O'Farrell (Archibald, butler)


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