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A Matter of Life and Death (December 25, 1946)

David Nivin in A Matter of Life and Death

Released on December 25, 1946: (running time 1 hour and 44 minutes) A WWII pilot cheats death for 24 hours, but must go on trial before the heavens to decide whether he should continue living, or meet his Maker.

Directed by Michael Powell

The Actors: David Niven (Peter Carter), Kim Hunter (June), Robert Coote (Bob Trubshawe), Kathleen Byron (an Angel), Richard Attenborough (a British pilot), Bonar Colleano (an American pilot), Joan Maude (the chief recorder), Marius Goring (conductor 71), Roger Livesey (Dr. Frank Reeves), Robert Atkins (the Vicar), Bob Roberts (Dr. Gaertler), Edwin Max (Dr. McEwen), Betty Potter (Mrs. Tucker), Abraham Sofaer (the Judge and the Surgeon), Raymond Massey (Abraham Farlan), Robert Arden (the GI playing bottom), Robert Beatty (US crewman), Tommy Duggan (Patrick Aloyusius Mahoney), John Huntley (extra in the Celestial Courtroom), John Longden (narrator at beginning), Howard Marshall (the Cricket commentator on the radio), Lois Maxell (woman), Wally Patch (ARP Warden), Robert Rietty (man on the stairway), Roger Snowden (James Monahan), Wendy Thompson (nurse), Frederick Valk (Royal Air Force Chaplain), Geoff van Rijssel (extra in the Celestial Courtroom), Joan Verney (girl)


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