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Song of Arizona (March 9, 1946)

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans in Song of Arizona

Released on March 9, 1946: A boy in Gabby's ranch for wayward boys helps Gabby pay the bills by giving him stolen money that his gangster father has been sending him to hide. Trouble arises when the gang comes looking for their loot.

Directed by Frank McDonald

The Actors: Roy Rogers (himself), George 'Gabby' Hayes (Gabby Whittaker), Dale Evans (Clare Summers), Lyle Talbot (King Blaine), Tommy Cook (Chip Blaine), Johnny Calkins (Clarence), Sarah Edwards (Dolly Finnuccin), Tommy Ivo (Jimmy), Michael Chapin (Cyclops), Dick Curtis (Henchman Bart), Edmund Cobb (Sheriff Jim Clark), Tom Quinn (Henchman Tom), Noble 'Kid' Chissell (Henchman Jim), The Robert Mitchell Boy Choir (boys at the ranch), Bob Nolan (ranch hand), Sons of the Pioneers (ranch hands), George M. Carleton (Lawyer Edward Thornton), Ken Carson (ranch hand), Elspeth Dudgeon (Ella), Ella Ethridge (guest), Hugh Farr (ranch hand), Karl Farr (ranch hand), Shug Fisher (Shug), Bess Flowers (nightclub extra), Teddy Infuhr (half-a-chance ranch boy), Eddie Kane (drunk at the nightclub), Jack Montgomery (Deputy Jake), Herman Nowlin, (Deputy), Frank Reicher (doctor), Don Reynolds (Brown Jug), Tim Spencer (Tim, Sons of the Pioneers), Larry Steers (headwaiter), John Wald (radio announcer John).


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