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Swamp Fire (July 24, 1946)

Johnny Weissmuller, Virginia Grey and Buster Crabbe in Swamp Fire

Released on July 24, 1946: Johnny Weismuller and Buster Crabbe are fighting each other for the love of a woman in this bayou swamp classic. The advertising tagline for this film is: Death Lurks Beneath The Burning Mighty Water Kings Clash For A Tiger Girl's Love!

Directed by William H. Pine

The Actors: Johnny Weissmuller (Johnny Duval), Virginia Grey (Janet Hilton), Buster Crabbe (Mike Kalavich), Carol Thurston (Toni Rousseau), Marcelle Corday (Grandmere Rosseau), William Edmunds (Emile Ledoux), Edwin Maxwell (Captain Pierre Moise), Pierre Watkin (P.T. Hilton), Charles Gordon (Captain Hal Peyton), Frank Fenton (Captain Pete Dailey), William Challee (barfly), Joseph Crehan (Captain Sorenson), Edward Earle (Baxter), David Janssen (Emile's eldest son), I. Stanford Jolley (Coast Guard Skipper), Libby Taylor (Hilton's maid), Emmett Vogan (Engstead), Crane Whitley (Coast Guard Skipper).


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