The Law of Contact

Law of the Lash (February 28, 1947)

Lash La Rue in Law of the Lash

Released on February 28, 1947: Cheyenne Davis is a Federal Marshall that goes after a band of bandits that have been holding up the stage coaches.

Directed by Ray Taylor

The Actors: Lash La Rue (Cheyenne Davis), Al St. John (Fuzzy), Lee Roberts (henchman Lefty), Mary Scott (Jane Hilton), Jack O'Shea (gang leader Decker), Charles King (Sheriff Rand), Carl Mathews (henchman Blackie), Matty Roubert (henchman Peewee), John Elliott (Dad Hilton), Slim Whitaker (henchman Bart), Ted French (henchman Smitty), Richard Cramer (bartender Jake), Hank Bell (the sleeping townsman) Ben Corbett (townsman), Art Dillard (henchman), Joe Dominguez (henchman), Jack Evans (barfly), Morgan Flowers (townsman), Herman Hack (barfly), Al Haskell (barfly), Cactus Mack (townsman), Tex Palmer (deputy), Post Park (stage driver), Buster Slaven (Sam the grocery salesman), Henry Wills (stage guard).


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