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Devil's Cargo (April 1, 1948)

The Falcon in Devil's Cargo

Released on April 1, 1948: Master detecive The Falcon is on the case again as he displays not only his skill at solving the tough cases, but also his ability to do magic tricks.

Directed by John R. Link Sr.

The Actors: John Calvert (Michael 'The Falcon' Watling), Rochelle Hudson (Margo Delgado), Roscoe Karns (Leutenant Hardy), Lyle Talbot (Johnny Morello), Theodore von Eltz (Thomas Mallon), Michael Mark (Salvation Army Captain), Tom Kennedy (Naga, the mug that tails Delgado), Paul Marion (Ramon Delgado), Paul Reagan (Bernie Horton), Eula Guy (Mrs. Murphy the landlady), Christine Larsen (nurse), Walter Soderling (the Coroner), John Bagni (Officer Bob), Jack Conrad (Sam the locksmith), Peter Michael (Mr. Worthington), Carol Janis (Mallon's Secretary), Fred Coby (Fred, the Hollywood station desk Sergeant), Dick Rush (Police turnkey), Mike Lally (the photographer outside Margo's apartment), Philip Morris (Phil the traffic cop), Peggy Wynne (nurse).


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