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I Love Trouble (January 15, 1948)

Franchot Tone in I Love Trouble

Released on January 15, 1948: When a wealthy man asks detective Stuart Bailey to investigate his wife's past, he has more in mind than just uncovering her steamy history.

Produced by S. Sylvan Simon

Directed by S. Sylvan Simon

The Actors: Franchot Tone (Stuart Bailey), Janet Blair (Norma Shannon), Janis Carter (Mrs. Caprillo, aka Jane Breeger, aka Janie Joy), Adele Jergens (Boots Nestor), Glenda Farrell (Hazel Bixby), Steven Geray (Keller), Tom Powers (Ralph Johnston), Lynn Merrick (Mrs. Johnston), John Ireland (Reno), Donald Curtis (Martin), Eduardo Ciannelli (John Vega Caprillo), Robert Barrat (Leutenant Quint), Raymond Burr (Herb), Eddie Marr (Sharpy), Arthur Space (Sergeant Muller), Sid Tomack (Buster Buffin), George Bell (elevator boy), Paul E. Burns (janitor), Claire Carleton (the tired blonde), Lane Chandler (the recording Detective), Douglas D. Coppin (lab man), Louise Franklin (maid), Karen X. Gaylord (Betty), Mary Adams Hayes (extra), Nan Holliday (high school girl), Martha Montgomery (Angel), Roseanne Murray (Miss Phipps), Vesey O'Davoren (the butler), Garry Owen (Gus), Gene Roth (plainclothesman), William Stubbs (dealer), Harry Tyler (warehouse foreman), Isabel Withers (Gracie)


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