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The Return of the Whistler (March 18, 1948)

The Return of the Whistler

Released on March 18, 1948: After a man's fiance disappears on the eve of their wedding, The Whistler is hired to find her, and he uncovers murder, deceit and plenty of intrigue in this Whistler classic.

Directed by D. Ross Lederman

The Actors: Michael Duane (Theodore Anthony 'Ted' Nichols), Lenore Aubert (Alice Dupres Barkley), Richard Lane (Gaylord Traynor), James Cardwell (Barkley), Sarah Padden (Mrs. Hulskamp), Abigail Adams (Traynor's secretary), Trevor Bardette (Arnold), Steve Benton (the male nurse), Dolores Castle (nurse), Edgar Dearing (Police Captain Griggs), Ann Doran (Sybil), Otto Forrest (the voice of The Whistler), Wilton Graff (Dr. Bertram H. Grantland), Olin Howland (Jeff Anderson), Robert Emmett Keane (Hart, the hotel manager), Kenner G. Kemp (the second male nurse), William Newell (hotel room painter), Jack Rice (George Sawyer), Fred F. Sears (Crandall, the hotel desk clerk), Harry Strang (Police Sergeant), Eddy Waller (Sam the gardener), Isabel Withers (the older nurse).


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