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An Old Fashioned Girl(January 19, 1949)

An Old Fashioned Girl

Released on January 19, 1949: (running time 1 hour and 18 minutes)

Produced by Arthur Dreifuss and Joseph Levinson

Directed by Arthur Dreifuss

The Actors: Gloria Jean (Polly Milton), Jimmy Lydon (Tom Shaw), John Hubbard (Mr. Sydney), Frances Rafferty (Frances Shaw), Elinor Donahue (Maud Shaw), Irene Ryan (Mrs. Shaw), Douglas Wood (Mr. Shaw), Barbara Brier (Trix Parker), Claire Whitney (Miss Mills), Rosemary La Planche (Emma Davenport), Quenna Norla (Miss Perkins), Shirley Mills (Belle), Saundra Berkova (Irma), Milton Kibbee (farmer Brown), Mike Road (James)


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