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The Crooked Way (April 22, 1949)

The Crooked Way

Released on April 22, 1949: (running time 1 hour and 29 minutes) A war hero retuns home with no memory of who he is.

Produced by Benedict Bogeaus

Directed by Robert Florey

The Actors: John Payne (Eddie Rice, aka Eddie Riccardi), Sonny Tufts (Vince Alexander), Ellen Drew (Nina Martin), Rhys Williams (Police Lieutenant Joe Williams), Percy Helton (Petey), John Doucette (Police Sergeant Barrett), Charles Evans (Police Captain Anderson), Greta Granstedt (Hazel Downs), Raymond Largay (Doctor Arthur Stacey), Harry Bronson (Danny), Hal Baylor (Coke), Don Haggerty (hoodlum), Jack Overman (hoodlum), Crane Whitley (Dr. Kemble, off-screen narrator in first scene), John Harmon (Kelly), Garry Owen (man from Green Acres Mortuary), Chet Brandenburg (diner customer, pedestrian), Frank Cady (undercover policeman at bar), Lester Dorr (taxi driver), Ross Elliott (coroner), Charles Ferguson (roulette player), Tommy Ferguson (gambling house patron), Eddie Foster (man hiding Petey), Sumner Getchell (man with Nina at bar), Al Hill (taxi driver), Esther Howard (hotel proprietess), Mike Lally (roulette croupier), Vera Marshe (blonde job applicant), Thomas Martin (casino bartender), Barbara Pepper (shooting gallery proprietress), 'Snub' Pollard (newspaper seller), Frank Richards (bail bondsman), Sid Saylor (vendor), Charles Sullivan (hamburger stand proprietor)


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