Jigsaw (March 11, 1949)

Franchot Tone in Jigsaw

Released on March 11, 1949: (running time 1 hour and 11 minutes) District Attorney Howard Malloy uncovers an extremist group while investigating a death meant to look like suicide.

Directed by Fletcher Markle

The Actors: Franchot Tone (District Attorney Howard Malloy), Jean Wallace (Barbara Whitfield), Marlene Dietrich (nightclub patron), Henry Fonda (nightclub waiter), Brenda Frazier (nightclub patron), John Garfield (loafer with a newspaper), Burgess Meredith (Jack, the bartender), Myron McCormick (Charles Riggs), Marc Lawrence (Angelo Agostini), Winifred Lenihan (Mrs. Hartley), Doe Avedon (Caroline Riggs), Hedley Rainnie (Sigmund Kosterich), Walter Vaughan (District Attorney Walker), George Breen (Knuckles), Robert Gist (Tommy Quigley), Hester Sondergaard (Mrs. Borg), Luella Gear (pet shop owner), Alexander Campbell (Pemberton), Robert Noe (Waldron), Alexander Lockwood (Nichols), Ken Smith (Wylie), Alan MacAteer (Museum guard), Manuel Aparicio (warehouse guard), Brainerd Duffield (butler), Marsha Hunt (Mrs. Hartley's secretary), Leonard Lyons (newspaper columnist), Fletcher Markle (nightclub patron), Everett Sloane (Sam the milkman).


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